[Ovmsdev] Moving to a production cycle

Greg D. gregd2350 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 22 12:37:57 HKT 2018

Hi Mark,

I like the idea of being able to configure the module by the internal
website via AP mode WiFi.  That's about as close to a universal
interface as exists on the planet right now.  There probably isn't a
need for a custom SSID based on MAC or other serialization; that would
only be necessary if configuring multiple modules at the same time in
the same place.  Use case?

But if we have the wifi open (or fixed key) out of the box, it might be
a good idea to have a required step of the configuration procedure be to
force a passkey change and re-connect on the part of the user.  That
way, the car can't be controlled until it's configured, and once
configured it won't have the default AP passkey. 

If things get messed up or forgotten, can't the module be reset to
factory with some button sequence?  I asked that regarding my /store
issue, but never heard back.


Mark Webb-Johnson wrote:
> Regarding the password, not all modules will have ICCID. The MAC
> address is not externally visible. Maybe just have the access point
> named OVMS.<last-bit-of-mac> and password OVMS? Then provide a
> facility in the web UI to be able to change that password?

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