[Ovmsdev] signed 2 byte values in poll

Nikolay Shishkov nshishkov at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 7 03:50:33 HKT 2018

 Thank you MIchael, 
I will try with short and see the results.
I must express my appreciation for the work you and Mark did on this framework - the V3 feels ages ahead of V2 and the boot time, the wifi possibility both AP and client, the terminal on usb, the programming via usb... it is just pleasure to work with.
Thank you again!
    On Sunday, August 5, 2018, 11:33:33 AM GMT+2, Michael Balzer <dexter at expeedo.de> wrote:  
 I am getting correct values in the IncomingFrameCan1 version, while the first version returns completely different values.  Any idea why? 
    void OvmsVehicleThinkCity::IncomingPollReply(canbus* bus, uint16_t type, uint16_t pid, uint8_t* data, uint8_t length, uint16_t mlremain)     {     //ESP_LOGI(TAG,"Poll replay arrived %d", pid);           uint8_t value = *data;     

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