[Ovmsdev] Extending the information shown in the app and on dashboard

Nikolay Shishkov nshishkov at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 7 03:59:06 HKT 2018

 I am looking at ways to communicated some status data that would be helpful to the driver of the Think.Stuff like: - estimated time to charge to 100% - average kwh/km for a trip (or maybe even lifetime?) - min, avg, max cell values for cars with lithium packs - maybe even a bar graphs that show all cell voltages and temperatures - possibility to run simple diagnostics - like show error codes, send error codes to e-mail, reset error codes - producing/sharing a log of trips with essential data (distance, kwh used, and some stats - speed, kW, temperatures)
I can see some very interesting stuff in the dashboard, and some of the pages for Twizy and Kia... and would appreciate some ideas on how to implement some of these. For example estimated time to end of charge is something I would like to be visible in the app, while diagnostics could be enough to be a web page. What is the easiest or the best way to extend the information shown in the app? In the simplest possible way - no graphics, just a list a name and value?
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