[Ovmsdev] Nissan Leaf, GPIO and "Stop Charging", "Lock/Unlock" commands.

Brian Greenberg grnbrg at grnbrg.org
Wed Aug 29 10:16:04 HKT 2018

 I picked up a 2015 Leaf about 3 weeks ago, and found this project a few
days later.  My 3.1 hardware should arrive from FastTech this week.  I've
been browsing through the git repos and manuals, and hope to make some
small contributions in the future.

How  interested are you devs in code contributions that require hardware
modifications to the vehicle?  :)

Two things that I am interested in are remotely toggling the door locks,
and stopping/disabling an ongoing charge.  Neither are currently supported
functions in the Leaf, as (if it is possible at all) the codes are
unknown.  However, both functions are trivially available outside of the
car network.  To disable charging, it should be quite easy to fake the
charge computer into thinking that the J1772 connector is about to be
removed  -- there is a connector under the hood, just past the L1/L2 socket
that carries the socket ground and (low voltage) proximity pin signal to
the VCM (Or BCM?).  Adding a 330 ohm resistance to the proximity pin tells
the car that power is about to be removed, and to stop charging.  Door
locks will have a fairly easy to locate pair of wires in the front doors
that will trigger locking and unlocking.  Three GPIO assignments and three
opto isolated 12V relays should easily enable the desired functionality.

Assuming I can walk this walk, would there be interest in the code?  This
would be a bit more involved than the single wire connection between the
OVMS module and the TCU that is needed to enable the vehicle wake up signal
on 2011 and 2012 models.....

I'm very impressed with this project, BTW.  I've been around open source
for years, but I've never seen open hardware development at this level.

Brian Greenberg
grnbrg at grnbrg.org
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