[Ovmsdev] Lost configuration

Tom Parker tom at carrott.org
Sun Aug 12 06:19:19 HKT 2018


My OVMS v3 prototype appears to have lost it's configuration. It stopped 
talking to the server a few days ago and power cycling wasn't helping. I 
had a chance to see what was on the serial console today. The OVMS 
prompt and command interface is working normally, but there doesn't 
appear to be anything configured. I'm still using a startup script I 
wrote before we had the configuration gui, and that doesn't appear to 
execute at startup. If I do a vfs ls /store then the command line 
interface hangs and I have to power cycle it to get it back. I don't 
have the wifi turned on so I don't know if the web interface works after 
doing this.

This behaviour is repeatable, I if I power cycle the module the config 
is still missing and vfs ls /store still hangs.

What is the best way to debug it? Michael appears to have had a similar 
problem in 
how do I dump the flash to investigate why listing the directory hangs 
the command line interface?

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