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Tom Parker tom at carrott.org
Mon Apr 30 18:26:01 HKT 2018

On 28/04/18 04:58, Greg D. wrote:

> User doc is at
> https://docs.google.com/document/d/16JrXR7rybp-18DrEoeh1rg6GqQT_jVBvhaXh2oEWRHw/

Sorry Greg I should have attended to this earlier!

In addition to those that Robin has identified we currently have:

v.c.voltage (however this is battery side voltage for both AC and DC 
v.c.current (however this is battery side current for both AC and DC 

I'm not explicitly setting v.type, do we need to in the vehicle code or 
is that done by the framework?

The Leaf also has a couple of specific metrics:

   m_gids = MyMetrics.InitInt("xnl.v.bat.gids", SM_STALE_HIGH, 0);
   m_hx = MyMetrics.InitFloat("xnl.v.bat.hx", SM_STALE_HIGH, 0);

You can probably just call these gids and hx in your table as this is 
the common parlance in Leaf circles.

Can you also add to the Leaf documentation the following paragraphs:

The Leaf support has a number of configuration options:

Remote Commands:

In model year 2016 Nissan changed how remote commands are handled, 
switching from the EV bus to the Car bus and changing the messages. The 
OVMS defaults to pre-2016 behaviour. Set the xnl modelyear configuration 
option to change to the newer behaviour:

config set xnl modelyear 2016

Note that if a CARWINGS, Nissan Connect or the TCU hardware is fitted, 
the OVMS messages will be overridden by the TCU and when the OVMS tries 
to wake the car, it will wake up and then go back to sleep. To make 
remote commands work, the TCU needs to be unplugged if fitted. In model 
years prior to 2016, this doesn't cause any obvious problems but in the 
2016 model year Nissan routed the hands free microphone through the TCU 
and the microphone stops working when you unplug the TCU.

Assistance is appreciated as I haven't had time to try to override the 
TCU using the OVMS or find an alternative solution to prevent the TCU 
overriding the messages while still allowing the hands free microphone 
to work.

Battery Size:

The OVMS defaults to a 24kWh battery. 30kWh batteries can be 
accommodated by changing the xnl maxGids configuration option:

config set xnl maxGids 356

Range Calculation:

The OVMS uses 2 configuration options to calculate remaining range, 
whPerGid (default 80Wh/gid) and kmPerKWh (default 7.1km/kWh). The range 
calculation is based on the remaining gids reported by the LBC and at 
the moment does not hold 5% in reserve like LeafSpy. Feedback on this 
calculation is welcomed.

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