[Ovmsdev] Nissan Leaf updates

Robin O'Leary ovmsdev at caederus.org
Sat Apr 21 03:14:58 HKT 2018

About 0x5c0:
> You changed the flag check from d[0] == 0x40 to (d[0]>>6) == 1,
> I'm just staring at CAN bus captures and on the car's I've seen, the 0x40
> test works but I'm happy to change if there is even a trivial reason to
> change, do you have any insight into which test is better?

Well, I think it's always best to make this kind of multiplex index
matching as narrow as possible, in case there is something else going
on in the adjacent bits that we don't yet know about.  I do have a few
logs where bits 0--3 have interesting values, but even though I've only
ever seen bits 4 and 5 as zero, it doesn't seem wise to assume that when
matching the index.

It sometimes happens near the end of a charging session (SOC > 90%),
when (d[0]>>6)==1 or 2, the values in (d[0] & 0xf) climb independently
from 0 to 10 over a period of about a minute, stay at 10 for the
rest of the session, then reset back to 0.

Full log (37Mb):
Just the 5c0 packets (103Kb):
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