[Ovmsdev] Initial experience and Nissan Leaf updates

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Fri Apr 20 04:59:44 HKT 2018


welcome :)

Am 19.04.2018 um 17:39 schrieb Robin O'Leary:
> I would like to record the temperature inside the car, but I couldn't
> see an appropriate metric (I've stuck it on ms_v_charge_temp for now).
> Is there a better place for it?

There is ms_v_env_temp for the ambient temperature, but that's normally meant for the outside temperature I think.

You can add a metric for that, i.e. ms_v_env_cabintemp / "v.e.cabintemp".

> What is the intent of ms_v_env_on?  It was previously set true when
> certain CAN traffic was present and false after a period of inactivity.
> I now set it to true when the car is in state "ready to drive".
> A similar question goes for ms_v_env_awake.  I've left this doing the
> CAN activity detection, which means it changes for minor things like
> detecting a key-fob.

"awake" = Vehicle/bus awake (switched on)

"on" = "Ignition" state (drivable)

> What is the process for contributing changes?  I am currently doing
> my local work on the master branch cloned from github.

Normal process is using Github pull requests. You push your commits to you repository, then create a pull request. We check your changes and merge them into the

You should coordinate your work with Tom Parker ("carrott"), the main developer of the Nissan Leaf adaption. To do so you can also add his repository and send
pull requests to him (and vice versa).

See Github docs for details, it's simple.


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