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Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Mon Apr 9 01:20:07 HKT 2018


I don't care about trailing whitespace, but I know what you mean. I usually set my diff options to "-b" and "core.whitespace" to "-trailing-space" so git also
doesn't care.

My editor is set to "do not remove trailing whitespace", but you're right, somehow the trailing ws in Kconfig and xtensa_api.h have been removed. Strange, I
can't explain that… maybe a git feature I don't know about?


Am 08.04.2018 um 18:35 schrieb Stephen Casner:
> Michael,
> I just took a quick look at the diff.  There are many lines changed
> because trailing whitespace was removed, presumably as an automatic
> action by your editor.  Is that something you can configure it not to
> do?
> I noticed the same phenomenon on some of Mark's recent commits as well,
> when the files being committed were ones that he had created/edited
> before, so perhaps you and he are using a new editor or its policy has
> changed.
> I don't like trailing whitespace, and I am careful to avoid it as I
> write code.  However, I also take extra effort to avoid removing any
> existing trailing whitespace (or make other unrelated changes like
> comment fixes) as part of committing a change, especially for source
> that isn't mine.  I sometimes make separate commits with just those
> nonfunctional changes.  This is to keep the annotation log meaningful.
> I don't mean this as a major criticism, just a question.
>                                                         -- Steve
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