[Ovmsdev] Automatic vehicle notifications

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Wed Apr 25 09:13:10 HKT 2018

It is time to implement vehicle notifications (charge started, charge completed, charge interrupted, etc) in the vehicle modules I am supporting. It seems that this can be done in the vehicle.{h,cpp} framework in a standard manner, and work across all vehicle types. However, I guess that will break any notifications already being produced by other vehicle types.

My suggestion is:

A config parameter ‘notifications’, with individual instances to turn on/off the notifications. Default is all enabled.

OvmsVehicle::MetricModified picks up metric changes and issues the standard notifications (checking ‘notifications’ parameter appropriately).
charge_mode=>charging: Notify charge started
charge_mode=>topoff: Notify charge started
charge_mode=>heating: Notify battery heating started
charge_mode=>done: Notify charge completed
charge_mode=>stopped: Notify charge interrupted
valet_mode=>on: Notify valet mode enabled
valet_mode=>off: Notify valet mode disabled
alarm=>on: Notify alarm is sounding
alarm=>off: Notify alarm is off

All the above should be suppressed for the initial setting of each parameter. I will have to look into metrics to see how best that should be done; one neat way is to keep a modification count (rather than the current m_defined boolean).

Does that make sense? Any objections/suggestions?

Regards, Mark

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