[Ovmsdev] Some warning/error messages

Stephen Casner casner at acm.org
Sat Apr 14 06:38:38 HKT 2018

Item 1: When running "make flash" I see the following warning:

Running make flash...
/Users/casner/src/github/esp-idf/components/partition_table/Makefile.projbuild:16: warning: undefined variable `MD5_OPT'
Flashing binaries to serial port /dev/cu.SLAB_USBtoUART (app at offset 0x10000)...

A grep for MD5_OPT in the esp-idf source tree only finds the two
instances in Makefile.projbuild, so it looks like is not defined

Do others see this warning?  If not, I must need to update something.

Item 2: I don't have an SD card installed, but I see the following
errors at boot time (with current Master sources):

I (2492) sdcard: SD CARD has been inserted
E (2532) sdmmc_req: handle_idle_state_events unhandled: 00000004 00000000
E (2532) sdmmc_cmd: sdmmc_card_init: send_op_cond (1) returned 0x107

                                                        -- Steve

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