[Ovmsdev] Lost both modem and WiFi

Greg D. gregd2350 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 10 05:16:33 HKT 2018

Hi folks,

This occurred twice over the weekend...  I took a trip in my Roadster
with the OVMSv3 module hooked up.  After the drive, I went to check on
the car via the Android application, and it wouldn't connect.  Thought
perhaps it wasn't getting a good 3G signal where it was, and forgot
about it overnight.  But when I checked again in the morning, sill no
connection.  I looked in the car and saw that the modem was off (nothing
blinking).  Unplugged the module, and plugged it back in.  All fine at
that point.  Charged the car for the trip home, and was able to monitor
the charging just fine.

Drove home late Sunday night, and when I looked at it again this morning
(Monday), no modem blinks.  Also failed connecting to it on the home
WiFi, which it is configured to automatically connect to.  I hooked up a
serial port to the USB connector, and found that the module was running
(OVMS prompts), but both the modem and wifi were reporting their status
powered off!

I just updated to today's code, and will try to reproduce the issue.  In
the mean time, any ideas what is going on?  I do have scripts to control
the ext12v power with vehicle_on and vehicle_off (to manage a HUD), but
the HUD was not attached.


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