[Ovmsdev] Wifi with spaces in the SSID

Tom Parker tom at carrott.org
Sun Nov 19 11:14:56 HKT 2017

Observant readers will notice that I made a spelling mistake in the wifi 
mode client call to demonstrate the problem, it doesn't work with the 
same error even if you spell the ssid correctly.

On 19/11/17 16:12, Tom Parker wrote:
> It appears that you cannot set a configuration value with a name 
> containing spaces. It almost works, but it doesn't seem to store them 
> correctly:
> OVMS > config set wifi.ssid "Wifi With Spaces" secretpassword
> OVMS > config list wifi.ssid
> wifi.ssid
>   AndroidAP
>   Wifi With Spaces
> OVMS > wifi mode client "Wifi with spaces"
> Error: SSID password must be defined in config wifi.ssid
> So it thinks it has a configuration value for that network but it 
> doesn't work. When you reboot the OVMS you find that the configuration 
> item was stored with only the first word of the SSID:
> OVMS > config list wifi.ssid
> wifi.ssid
>   AndroidAP
>   Wifi
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