[Ovmsdev] Leaf Updates

Tom Parker tom at carrott.org
Sun Nov 19 10:46:38 HKT 2017


I ported over support for Gen 2 Chargers and polling for the battery Ah 
capacity and the "Hx" value in 

3 Questions:

In v2 we checked whether transmit mode was enabled, I'm not seeing 
similar logic in the Telsa Roadster module. I've commented out the 
checks in the leaf code for the time being.

In v2 I abstracted the hardware interactions necesary to write to the 
canbus into a function void vehicle_nissanleaf_send_can_message(short 
id, unsigned char length, unsigned char *data). In v3 we call 
canbus::Write(const CAN_frame_t* p_frame). Do we want to add a similar 
simpler "send to this buffer with this can id" method to the canbus 
object? The Leaf doesn't use any of the extended can features so a 
simple interface for the simple case seems to make sense. For the moment 
I've implemented it within the leaf codebase, see void 
OvmsVehicleNissanLeaf::SendCanMessage(uint16_t id, uint8_t length, 
uint8_t *data) in the pull request.

I've also porting over the remote command features, I like the interface 
presented to the car modules to implement these. I need to wait until 
tomorrow to test these on a real car so haven't sent a pull request yet.

I'm very close to finished on porting the leaf support!

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