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Ahhhrrrgggg! Made a mistake with the link!!

www.twizy-forum.de <http://www.twizy-forum.de/>

the other link will send you to a squatter site. Please do not click this one ;-)
> Am 19.05.2017 um 13:03 schrieb Frank Demes <frank.demes at gmx.de>:
>>> In other news there is potential for a bunch (20+) Leafs that need units in a relatively short timeframe. Are V3's likely to be going soon, or would v2's be safer? The porting to ARM is going to need a bit of testing correct?
>> 20 would be hard for OVMS v2. MOQ if 100 for batches machine-soldered.
> It would be no problem to find buyers for another 20-30 units for the Twizy in my BulitinBoard.
> https://www.twizy.forum.de <https://www.twizy.forum.de/> 
> Posts from users looking for used OVMS are quite common since the news got out that V2.5 was out of stock.
> Even when V3 would be finished, I still see a purpose for the V2.5 , since it would be smaller (Fits in the glovebox of the twizy).
> Maybe V2.5 and V3 can coexist and you chose the one that fits to your needs?
> Regards
> Frank
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