[Ovmsdev] Framework V3.1

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Wed Jan 4 07:57:52 HKT 2017

Sorry, haven't done a batch build before checking in...

Maybe it's time to move the Leaf & Mitsubishi modules to the production
build? Is there anything still experimental about them?

Your description matches what could happen with the buffer bug.

Regarding the App crashing: hardening it against garbage data is on my
list. It happened also with the buffer bug on the Twizy, because the
data parser is a bit too strict.

Btw: I've been in contact with an enthusiastic Leaf owner named Slava
from the Ukraine, told him to get in contact with you. He thinks about
setting up an OVMS server for his region. As you may have guessed, there
is no NissanConnect in the Ukraine... ;)


Am 03.01.2017 um 23:55 schrieb Tom Parker:
> On 03/01/17 00:44, Michael Balzer wrote:
>> As you may have seen, I submitted a rework of the network framework
>> yesterday.
> The experimental firmware doesn't build anymore -- there isn't enough
> space during linking. I removed some of the other cars and it builds
> again, do we need to split the experimental configuration in two?
> At the weekend I rebased onto master immediately prior to your changes
> and then managed to mess up my OVMS while doing some development, I
> haven't looked into what happened but I saw garbage messages relayed
> through the server, the OVMS android app crashed on startup (sorry no
> logs), many "Vehicle authentication failed" messages by email and also
> a "Vehicle is stopped turned on" via SMS and email (I'm using Dexter's
> server which sends me emails sometimes).
> I'm not sure if I ran some bad code of my own or if I fell victim to
> the buffer problem you've hopefully fixed. My OVMS has been very solid
> for the last 6 months or so, but I haven't taken any updates until the
> weekend.
> I'll read out the EEPROM and test with your updated framework tomorrow.
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