[Ovmsdev] Framework V3.1

Tom Parker tom at carrott.org
Wed Jan 4 06:55:45 HKT 2017

On 03/01/17 00:44, Michael Balzer wrote:
> As you may have seen, I submitted a rework of the network framework 
> yesterday.

The experimental firmware doesn't build anymore -- there isn't enough 
space during linking. I removed some of the other cars and it builds 
again, do we need to split the experimental configuration in two?

At the weekend I rebased onto master immediately prior to your changes 
and then managed to mess up my OVMS while doing some development, I 
haven't looked into what happened but I saw garbage messages relayed 
through the server, the OVMS android app crashed on startup (sorry no 
logs), many "Vehicle authentication failed" messages by email and also a 
"Vehicle is stopped turned on" via SMS and email (I'm using Dexter's 
server which sends me emails sometimes).

I'm not sure if I ran some bad code of my own or if I fell victim to the 
buffer problem you've hopefully fixed. My OVMS has been very solid for 
the last 6 months or so, but I haven't taken any updates until the weekend.

I'll read out the EEPROM and test with your updated framework tomorrow.

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