[Ovmsdev] Special cable for Kia Soul EV for OVMS V3.

Geir Øyvind Vælidalo geir at validalo.net
Wed Dec 13 04:09:37 HKT 2017


We might need a special cable for the Kia Soul EV, as it has two CAN-buses on the diagnostic port and it doesn’t match the ODB2-cable nor the Nissan Leaf-cable.
Then C-can uses the standard pins 6 and 14, but the M-can uses pins 1 (high) and 9 (low). 

The M-can should be mapped to CAN1_H (Pin 5 on DB9) and CAN1_L(Pin 4 on DB9):

J1962-M   DB9-F   Signal
1         5       CAN-1H (M-can High)
4         3       Chassis/Power GND
6         7       CAN-0H (C-can high)
9         4       CAN-1L (M-can Low)
14        2       CAN-0L (C-can low)
16        9       +12V Vehicle Power

I don’t use the M-can at the moment, and I’m not sure I will, but if I do we might need to have a special cable made for the Soul EV. 
Is that something that is easy to fix?

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