[Ovmsdev] Nissan Leaf 2016 Remote Climate Control

Tom Parker tom at carrott.org
Sat Dec 9 18:10:27 HKT 2017


I got remote climate control working on my 2016 Nissan Leaf with OVMS 
v3. In the 2016 model year Nissan moved the TCU from the EV CAN bus to 
the Car CAN bus and they change the remote climate control messages 
slightly. The Leaf - OBDII cables that were sold with OVMS v2 were 
future proofed and when used with the OVMS v3 have the EV bus wired to 
m_can1 and the CAR bus to m_can2. Mark mentioned this a while back and 
I'm happy to confirm that it works. A "standard" OBDII cable only 
exposes the CAR bus.

Sending the right message to the m_can2 bus with a Leaf cable starts up 
the climate control. I must thank Mitchell on My Nissan Leaf for 
providing the updated can frame, see 

I haven't worked out how to turn remote climate control off and I 
haven't tested remote charge start yet.

This certainty encourages me to look at the cellular situation -- we've 
got a bit of a heat wave going on in NZ at the moment. When I last tried 
the cellular data, it worked moderately well for a day or so and then 
stopped because it had used all of the free 1MB allocation for the month 
on the Hologram SIM. I see less than 1MB per month using the OVMS v2 on 
a local carrier. I haven't looked at whether the v3 data usage was 
caused by excessive communications with the server, Hologram counting 
data differently to what I'm used to, or the v3 code reconnecting to the 
cellular network often.

Nearly at feature parity with v2!

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