[Ovmsdev] v2.8.5

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Mon Mar 14 19:01:08 HKT 2016

OK, everything looks good to go and I am going to give manufacturing go-ahead for a batch using SIM808 modules tonight.

The v2.8.5 firmware is required for SIM808 support, and I’ve built binaries of those ready for release.

Please play with this, and let us know if you find any issues.

Regards, Mark.

2016-03-14 2.8.5       Firmware 2.8.5 SIM808 GSM/GPS module support
                       # Fix for Twizy build w/o BATTMON
                       # Twizy: ideal range calculated with temperature influence approximation
                       # Twizy: Battery capacity estimation
                       # Twizy: Charge start restarts SOC window (to get most recent BMS SOC)
                       # Twizy: Charge interruption no longer restarts power sums & SOC window
                       # Added vehicle_version to net msg "F"
                       # New vehicle: Kia Soul EV, initial version 0.1 (alpha/untested)
                       # Kia Soul: VIN, car status, doors & charging status, SOC, estimated range, speed
                       # Framework: OBDII polling support for modes 02, 10 & 21
                       # Kia Soul: DEBUG diag output fixed for SMS size limit
                       # Kia Soul: ISR optimization - OBD diag data init & length debugging
                       # Kia Soul: Buffer overflow protection for OBDII multi frame polls
                       # Kia Soul: Init CAN RX filter 1 to avoid noise triggers
                       # Twizy: optional current limit modification
                       # Added compiler switch OVMS_NO_CRASHDEBUG
                       # Twizy V3.7.0: - CFG POWER: max current control, higher torque & power levels
                       # Framework v2.8.2: DIAG mode: support backspace & ctrl-a / ctrl-c (= abort/clear)
                       # Framework v2.8.2: DIAG mode perl clients added
                       # Framework v2.8.2: DIAG mode documentation extended
                       # Add hints on 0x100/0x96 and 0x400/0x01
                       # Framework: Fixed base64decode(), removed bug workarounds
                       # Framework: base64encode(): return pointer to end of base64 string
                       # Framework: New net_assert_caller(): check caller, fallback to REGPHONE
                       # Framework: net_put RAM redirection now uses net_buf[]
                       # Framework: Code cleanup, size and stack depth optimization
                       # Framework: Fix: stack overflow/underflow flags cleared after crash
                       # Framework: Perl diagmode clients: missing license info added
                       # Twizy: Flux map optimization
                       # Twizy: Fix: "CA?" outputs ETR SOC if ETR range is zero
                       # Twizy: CAN control bits to disable emergency reset, kickdown & autopower
                       # Twizy: Flux & saturation maps added to documentation
                       # Twizy: Updated SDO list & limits
                       # MPLABX 3.1x support, and OVMS_BUILDCONFIG to show selected build config in version strings
                       # Add pics and docs on Tesla Model S new style DIAG connector seen in late 2015 cars onwards
                       # Re-work GPS initialisation for SIM808
                       # Use AT+CGPSRST=0 for cold start of GPS
                       # Fix SMS VERSION command

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