[Ovmsdev] Nissan Leaf Climate Control

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Sat Jun 4 06:57:10 HKT 2016


great work :)

> #define CMD_ClimateControl 43 // (ON or OFF)

Command group 40-49 is meant for low level / network communication, so I
reassigned CMD_ClimateControl to code 26, to add it to the vehicle
control group (10-29).

> with argument 'on' and 'off'. I'm using temporary hack to enable
> climate control via the homelink buttons.

For consistency with the other MSG commands I would expect the argument
to be "0" / "1" instead of "OFF" / "ON".

> If CMD_ClimateControl is suitable, could we add support in the Apps
> for a better button to toggle it on and off?

Sure :)

> I see there is a car_doors5bits.HVAC to signal that climate control is
> on, but I don't think that is exposed in the android interface. This
> would be a good candidate to provide feedback that the climate control
> is on.

>From my interpretation that's meant as the AC signal for the internal HV
battery AC... -- Mark?


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