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Sorry can't help with the developing, since it's not my field of
But have you considered setting up a donation for leaf development? there
has been a demand for leaf-alternative a long time, and the devs here that
worked on it have left.
One of the devs Jermey has no leaf no more, so no pushing for the leaf.
It's very important that the leaf development now pushes forward to get
somewhere and not halt before we get there. How will your code be with the
new hardware that is comming?
Anyways. I did a poll last year on how many that where interested in
changing to a opensource alternative for carwings/nissan connect. and like
30-40 said yes. I estimate that atleast 60 leafs are interested in norway.

ps: I think the number for opensource alternative might be even higher now
after the Nissan disaster:

       I tested the security hole yesterday, and it was wide open. today
it's partialy closed. look at the response time before nissan acted on it.
it's a disaster.

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>    1. Nissan Leaf Remote Climate Control (Tom Parker)
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> Date: Sun, 21 Feb 2016 12:16:35 +1300
> From: Tom Parker <tom at carrott.org>
> Subject: [Ovmsdev] Nissan Leaf Remote Climate Control
> To: OVMS Developers <ovmsdev at lists.teslaclub.hk>
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> I got remote climate control on & off working, but only during charge.
> I've abused the alert and homelink commands for now:
> https://carrott.org/git/Open-Vehicle-Monitoring-System.git/commitdiff/84a65826c32ca847eb9317af60cfa9819a28bb35..b330092c962438eb77c10ef74cf477007ebb6532
> I can't promise I won't force-push into this branch until it's ready for
> merging, so if you are from the future you may need to look at the
> branch
> https://carrott.org/git/Open-Vehicle-Monitoring-System.git/shortlog/refs/heads/nissan-leaf-climate-control
> Tested on my 2012 Gen 1 JDM Leaf with Carwings (Apparently the TCU and
> hence Carwings doesn't work in New Zealand due to incompatible cell
> network).
> Next is to investigate the wakeup logic line between the TCU and VCU.
> I've got
> http://docslide.us/documents/nissan-leaf-2011-2012-ev-control-system.html
> which
> describes two EV System Activation Request Signal connections (on page
> 88), both on the VCU E63 connector. Pin 96 is from the charger (on page
> 84) and pin 84 is from the TCU (on page 85).
> I'm guessing I can observe how the charger wakes up the VCU and add some
> GPIO output hardware to the OVMS do the same thing to on the TCU line.
> Remote charging will probably work the same way, but I can't test it
> since the only way I can currently get the car to pay attention to these
> messages is for it to be charging already.
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