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Dominik Westner ovms at nikwest.de
Tue Feb 2 01:51:26 HKT 2016

Generally I think 3G doesn’t make a lot of sense. A new platform should be 4G capable. As far as I know 2G is more likely to stay longer than 3G. 
I know already some areas in Germany and Austria where you can find 4G and maybe 2G, but no 3G.

For example seeedstudio retargeted their Rephone 3G module to 4G after some investigations about the future of 3G.

Just my 2 cents


> On 01 Feb 2016, at 18:30, Arthur Hebert <ahebert at gmail.com> wrote:
> The Particle Electron has recently caught my attention: https://www.particle.io/cellular <https://www.particle.io/cellular>. Actual performance and usability are unknown, since the first units don't ship until later this month, but it has some attractive features:
> low-cost M2M-oriented international SMS/data plans ($3/mo. for 20k messages)
> STM32F205 MCU with 1MB flash, 128k RAM and 2 CAN buses
> free development IDE: https://www.particle.io/dev <https://www.particle.io/dev>
> also a free web-based dev environment at https://build.particle.io <https://build.particle.io/> (I assume/hope this will support the Electron cellular board when it comes out)
> I know it doesn't come close to meeting the RAM requirements, but the cellular plan is a pretty big draw IMO. Perhaps worth using this module in conjunction with another board with a better MCU?
> -Arthur

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