[Ovmsdev] net.c SOC alert obsolete?

Tom Saxton tom at idleloop.com
Tue Apr 19 02:56:14 HKT 2016

Personally, I like having the second backup warning that doesn’t depend on a setting being right. It’s a big deal if our Roadster gets down to 5% accidentally.


On 4/18/16, 8:35 AM, "Michael Balzer" <ovmsdev-bounces at lists.teslaclub.hk on behalf of dexter at expeedo.de> wrote:

>Hi everyone,
>we've currently two low SOC alerts in the framework, one is the
>configurable (feature #9) min SOC alert in vehicle_ticker(), the other
>is the OVMS_SOCALERT code in net_state_ticker600().
>The latter is fixed to 5% and does not respect user channel &
>notification configuration. Is there still a use case for this or is it
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