[Ovmsdev] Firmware 2.8.1

Collin Kidder collink at kkmfg.com
Thu Sep 24 20:46:06 HKT 2015

On Thu, Sep 24, 2015 at 5:38 AM, Michael Balzer <dexter at expeedo.de> wrote:
> I just checked the DNS record for tmc.openvehicles.com:
> tmc.openvehicles.com.    14399    IN    A
> I suggest reducing the TTL to 1 hour before we recommend the change to
> users.

Keep in mind that much of the internet is ruled by caching name
servers that will be quite stubborn about having to update their
records. I seriously doubt that a TTL of 1 hour will be honored by
much of anything. You're lucky if the ISP name servers bother to check
for updates more than once or twice a day.

Still, it makes sense to use the fully qualified name of the host
rather than the IP address. IP addresses change, the goal of a FQN is
to be static forever.

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