[Ovmsdev] Firmware 2.8.1

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Wed Sep 23 22:51:40 HKT 2015

I’ve built a firmware for 2.8.1.

This includes all the changes since March 2014. Quite a few minor bug fixes and improvements.

Most noticeable new work is parameter #0x16, GPRSDNS. This can be configured as the fourth parameter to the GPRS command, and specifies the DNS server. It seems that the gprs protocol allows the mobile providers to push DNS server IPs to us, and the SIM908 recognises and stores those. But, for those providers that don’t support that, this parameter allows it to be explicitly set. We can now use DNS names (tmc.openvehicles.com <http://tmc.openvehicles.com/>), instead of IP addresses, for the Server IP parameter. This is a much better way of doing it.

I’ve also changed the COPS mechanism around a bit, to try to make it work better in marginal network conditions. In particular, in my garage ;-) The new logic is to wait for up to 5 minutes, after COPS fails, to see if we can get a network registration anyway. If we can, we continue with GPRS. If we can’t we try COPS again.

This is a release candidate now.

Regards, Mark.

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