[Ovmsdev] Kia Soul EV development

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Sun Nov 1 17:22:43 HKT 2015


I'm pleased to introduce the dedicated OVMS Kia Soul developer (he
should have subscribed by now): please welcome Geir :-)

> Gesendet: So 1. Nov 2015, 00:32
> Von: goev_no05
> An: dexter
> Hi Michael!
> I've been playing a lot with the code today :D It works quite well,
> although the VIN is shifted three bytes so I'm missing the first
> characters. The DEBUG 1 and 5 seem to be off too, but it just seem
> like they might be off by only one byte. I think so because I can
> fetch the aux battery voltage from row 4 byte 4, instead of byte 5 as
> should be expected. This is a little strange as it seems to be the
> same code as VIN. But I will look into these matters tomorrow!
> I've added a lot of new data to your code: In my version I now show
> the correct SOC (V0.2 shows the BMS SOC which is around 4% lower),
> Odometer, aux battery voltage, correct charging power (it looks right
> at least for 230V systems). I'm also setting the charging modes based
> on the charging power and I copied the Range/Ideal range code from the
> Twizy and adapted it to the Kia. I think I will copy the CA-setting
> too, as they seem to be quite useful.
> I feel that I have quite a good understanding of the system now, so if
> you want, I can relieve you from the Kia Soul-development :)
> I am also subscribing to the ovms-developer list, so hopefully I don't
> need to bother you here anymore ;)
> Good night, and take care!
> Geir

As the OBD polling support for modes 02, 10 & 21 basically works, I now
have pushed my latest changes including Kia V0.2 to the main repository.

The Kia VIN currently needs to be cut by 3 bytes because the car_vin can
only take 17 chars. As RAM is tight I decided to omit the first three
chars. There would be space for a 20 bytes car_vin, but then the VIN is
not that important IMO.

You're right, the aux battery voltage should be in row 4 byte 5, and
there is no intended offset, so that might be a bug.

Glad to have you on board :-)


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