[Ovmsdev] Leaf info?

Lee OVMS ovmsdev at varga.co.uk
Fri Feb 6 07:53:06 HKT 2015

Hi All,

I'm Lee, I've just picked up an OVMS unit from Kevin Sharpe, with a view 
to doing some development for the Nissan Leaf.

So I've got a few questions I'd like to ask/clarify surrounding the 
current state of OVMS on the Leaf if I may.

Does the current firmware include all the stuff found during last years 
Hack-a-Leaf day in the UK?
Either way, are there any notes from the day that may help me get up to 
speed? Or pointers as to directions to head in?

Is the "Leaf ODB-II" cable that FastTech now sell different to the old 
ODB2 left/right cables?
Can the older cable be modified into a Leaf cable?
I assume the new firmware needs this new Leaf cable?

Does the Leaf firmware use the internal GPS from the car or is it better 
to get an external GPS antenna plugged directly into the OVMS module?

What programmer should I buy? The PicKit 2 or the PicKit 3?
I've read the 2 is easier to use, but I need the 3 if I'm developing and 
it's more complicated. Is this still the case?
If it's the 2, does anyone have the software, as it's gone from 
Microchips site (seems to be discontinued).
If it's the 3, is there a similar guide to using the 2 covering the 
extra complexity?

Does anyone have a modifiable form of the Tesla Roadster User Guide PDF? 
As I'd like to convert it into the Leaf User Guide, but it gets a little 
bit broken when I edit it in LibreOffice.
On the same note, the Twizy Guide appears to be a broken link on the site.

Is there is decent/easy to understand ODBII spec/site somewhere that is 
being used to get cribs/pointers to reverse engineering the recorded 
CANbus chatter? Or is it just knowledge in devs heads? :(

Lastly does the CAN Re Tool work OK with the Leaf? As there are mentions 
Tesla rules in the other files?

I thin k that will do for now, more questions as I run into problems! :)

All the best,

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