[Ovmsdev] Android App : minimum requirements for communication

Julien NOZAIS julien.nozais at ext.uni.lu
Thu Feb 5 21:45:18 HKT 2015

Hi all,

I kept working on my project and I have been optimizing the memory usage of the code that I wrote in the OVMS firware since last time. However I have reached the limit and I cannot simplify my code much more. As you said, Michael, the only thing that can solve the space issue for me now is to remove some unneeded code.

On an other topic, I looked into the Android app, and I plan to implement a simple interface to call the commands that I added in the module's firmware. I think of  removing most of the current GUI to keep only part of the settings dealing with the authentication, and then to  add a new activity that fits my needs.

There seem to be a few modules in the Android project that I will not need. So I prefer to start a new project and include only the needed code from the original app.

I would be much obliged if you could give me some hints to get me going, in order to keep the minimum requirements for the app to manage its connection with the server and the car and be able to issue "MSG" commands.

Best regards,

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