[Ovmsdev] OVMS as Antithft/Alarm system

Gianluca Magalotti gianluca at magalotti.net
Mon Feb 2 20:21:08 HKT 2015

it's a bit that I'm using OVMS with my Twizy and I would like to share 
with you an idea I have.

Can we use OVMS as an antitheft (or at least as an alarm)?

That's the idea: OVMS (module, server, app) to decide if the car is 
"properly used" or "probably stolen" by means of car position AND device 
with mobile app position.

Simple rule: If car is moving then send an alarm to the device if the 
the device position is not compatible with car position (Alarm can be 
changedc into stop the car, or whatever can be done by means of ovms 

Case of more than one device connected: All of devices positions are not 
compatible with the car position.

There are more complex situations that can have "social aspects" (i.e. 
having an alarm if a device AND the car exit/enter a specific area).

Brainstorming on this are welcome!


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