[Ovmsdev] iOS 8.4

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Fri Aug 21 22:56:50 HKT 2015

A lot has changed in iOS 8, and it seems to have broken push notifications (APNS) for new users. Existing users are fine.

So, I find the few lines that need to be changed, and fixed that. Cool.

Now, submit to App Store, and Apple requires 64bit.

OK, change the building settings for a 32bit + 64bit dual package, and rebuild.

(old) Testflight sdk not compatible (32bit only).

Remove testflight sdk, and all its tendrils throughout the code base.


190+ warnings about int vs long.

Crap de crap de crap.


OK. All clean, built and ready to go.

Only issue is that all my working devices are IOS 9 beta (for work), and Apple’s not accepting iOS 9 built stuff yet, so I can’t properly test.

Each of the above steps needs about 15-to-45 minutes of googling.

So, I have a build (v1.6.6). It is 32bit and 64bit. It seems to work. But, I need help testing.

Seems Apple have a new test flight integrated to iTunes connect. Never tried it, but you are all about to get an invite ;-)

Regards, Mark.

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