[Ovmsdev] Cheap worldwide data SIM

Tom Saxton tom at idleloop.com
Thu Apr 9 04:09:01 HKT 2015

$0.30 per SMS sent or received is expensive. Otherwise, it looks like a
great plan for OVMS.


On 4/8/15, 12:59 PM, "Mastro Gippo" <gipmad at gmail.com> wrote:

To anyone's interested in a SIM, there's a kickstarter selling a 5$ SIM with
6 months (6MB) of data included, and ~1$/1MB/1month plans:

On an slightly unrelated note, a few days ago I had a chat with Mark about
the new hardware version. I have some work to do this week but after that
I'll get some ideas together and post them so we can discuss.

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