[Ovmsdev] PICkit changes parameters (EEPROM)

Tom Saxton tom at idleloop.com
Sat May 31 23:40:49 HKT 2014

I've never had anything like that happen and I've flashed my device plenty
of times when doing occasional coding. I have blasted it to all zeros a
few times, which I attribute to forgetting to flip that setting either in
the MPLab project or in the PICkit2 downloader.

Perhaps you have a bad chip or a bad programmer?

Very curious.


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Subject: [Ovmsdev] PICkit changes parameters (EEPROM)

>Hi all,
>my PICkit2 frequently alters single EEPROM cells on flashing. It's set
>to "preserve EEPROM" and mostly does so, the effect only for example
>changes the server parameter from "64..." to "S4...".
>Other parameter slots also have been affected, my last flash changed my
>registered phone id, and a forum member reports a change of the first
>vehicle id byte from "D" to "R".
>Is there a way to make the flashing process reliably preserve the EEPROM?
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