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Tom Saxton tom at idleloop.com
Fri May 23 09:43:37 HKT 2014

I don't care who uses the OVMS data. I just want the OVMS data to be open, same as the Plug In America battery surveys that I run.


> On May 22, 2014, at 5:12 PM, Lee Howard <lee.howard at mainpine.com> wrote:
>> On 05/22/2014 03:44 PM, Tom Saxton wrote:
>> Maybe another map vendor wants to add support to OVMS, so the user can choose OCM or PlugShare, or whatever.
>> ....
>> As an aside, PlugShare is already experimenting with adding the ability to add voltage/amperage info to their database via a special version of their web site that appears when the user agent is the Model S browser.
> I am pleased that PlugShare easily accepts data contributions, but does it meet your own criteria listed an hour ago?...
> On 05/22/2014 02:49 PM, Tom Saxton wrote:
> > I'd like to make sure that whatever happens with OVMS reporting charging
> > station information stays open and stand-alone, not tied exclusively to
> > OCM.
> I've read through the PlugShare "Terms of Use Agreement", and it seems very much opposed to the "open" philosophy espoused by OVMS (and OCM).
> Mind you, I have absolutely no objection to anyone developing-in an OVMS feature to contribute information to PlugShare and other databases besides OCM.  I merely mean to point out and seek clarification for the apparent conflict in your positions.
> Thanks,
> Lee.
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