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Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Sat May 3 23:59:08 HKT 2014

I suggest you try externally powering it (12V). Sometimes the USB ports, via pickit, cannot provide enough power.

> On 3 May, 2014, at 11:51 pm, Nigel Jones <nigel at cherrybyte.me.uk> wrote:
> I was playing around with SMS comments on the newly installed OVMS today (V2 experimental) when the device seemed to stop responding, and a remote "RESET" didn't help, nor did power off/on.
> I brought it inside (without checking LEDs), connected up to the Pickit 3 clone I'd used earlier and .. nothing ... can't connect. Rebooted, removed/readded USB device (hw & sw)
> In the MPlab IPE I have PIC18/PIC18F2685 / PICkit3 selected.
> In advanced/Power "power target circuit from tool" is selected
> I am unable to "connect". All LEDs are lit on the Pickit3, no LEDs on the OVMS board
> I'm not familiar enough with the environment to figure out if this means the ovms module is dead, or the pickit. At some point prior to rebooting the pc ( as a test) I did notice some errors from the IPE of low USB voltage. I've since switched USB port
> When I used the pickit earlier and selected "Power device from tool" the ovms module etc was powered up (LEDs active).
> Any sugeestions?
> My next plan is to try a completely different PC to remove that from the equation. I'll also check the ovms leds when connected to vehicle - from memory the red led was lit. I did note the module was very warm - sat on the centre console, but I think this was just as the car was in bright sunlight....
> My gut feel is it's a combination of needing to reset the ovms (in the car it does at least still power up) it seems, just is uncontactable, & a problem with the programmer since I should be able to connect without a device attached - and potentially use the on-the-go programming support 
> Mine is a clone pickit - has anyone else had issues with these vs the microchip originals?
> thanks
> Nigel.
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> Nigel Jones
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