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Nigel Jones nigel at cherrybyte.me.uk
Sat May 3 23:51:38 HKT 2014

I was playing around with SMS comments on the newly installed OVMS today
(V2 experimental) when the device seemed to stop responding, and a remote
"RESET" didn't help, nor did power off/on.

I brought it inside (without checking LEDs), connected up to the Pickit 3
clone I'd used earlier and .. nothing ... can't connect. Rebooted,
removed/readded USB device (hw & sw)

In the MPlab IPE I have PIC18/PIC18F2685 / PICkit3 selected.
In advanced/Power "power target circuit from tool" is selected
I am unable to "connect". All LEDs are lit on the Pickit3, no LEDs on the
OVMS board

I'm not familiar enough with the environment to figure out if this means
the ovms module is dead, or the pickit. At some point prior to rebooting
the pc ( as a test) I did notice some errors from the IPE of low USB
voltage. I've since switched USB port

When I used the pickit earlier and selected "Power device from tool" the
ovms module etc was powered up (LEDs active).

Any sugeestions?

My next plan is to try a completely different PC to remove that from the
equation. I'll also check the ovms leds when connected to vehicle - from
memory the red led was lit. I did note the module was very warm - sat on
the centre console, but I think this was just as the car was in bright

My gut feel is it's a combination of needing to reset the ovms (in the car
it does at least still power up) it seems, just is uncontactable, & a
problem with the programmer since I should be able to connect without a
device attached - and potentially use the on-the-go programming support

Mine is a clone pickit - has anyone else had issues with these vs the
microchip originals?

Nigel Jones
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