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Fri Jun 27 12:44:52 HKT 2014

Off topic but long term it would be prudent to investigate the cross platform options for the app, otherwise there's a lot of duplicate work.

I'd consider HTML/Cordova, Xamarin (and perhaps Xamarin Forms), Titanium Sdk, etc. 

Not saying cross platform doesn't have its challenges but otherwise there's probably not enough dev resources to expect to develop a complete app for all platforms.


Tom Saxton <tom at idleloop.com> wrote:

>On iOS, the App settings is buried in the System Settings app, a terrible
>UI design. Finally, with iOS 8, there will be a way for apps to send you
>straight to the app settings. But for now...
>Open the Setting app, then scroll down to the bottom to find a list of
>apps that use the built-in settings mechanism. You'll find an item for
>"Open Vehicle". In there you'll find the configuration for your OVMS
>account, including the server IP address.
>That's also where you can turn the Open Charge Map stuff on/off and where
>you can override the module's choice for distance and temperature units.
>Arguably the server account should be per-vehicle but I'm guessing the
>thought was that anyone who has multiple OVMS vehicles will have them all
>on the same server and making that app-wide means you only have to enter
>username, password and server IP once.
>Of course none of this is any help for figuring out how to do it on
>   Tom
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>>On 06/11/2014 05:23 PM, Mark Webb-Johnson wrote:
>>> I think the 'tmc' server is hard-coded in the Android App.
>>> The code on github is up-to-date, if anyone wants to take a stab at
>>>making it configurable.
>>I spent a few days getting acquainted with Android development and
>>toying with the OVMS Android app code, loading it onto the Android
>>emulator, etc.
>>I couldn't decide where was the best place was to put an "app settings"
>>menu item, and so I caved and downloaded OVMS from the App Store onto my
>>> The iOS App has it in the system settings tab.
>>I don't see it.  Is this in unreleased/unpublished code?
>>There is the "OVMS Server IP" in the "Parameters" section of the
>>"Control" menu for each configured car.  However, I believe that refers
>>to the server IP configured in the car module and not for the app.  AND
>>this same section and menu exist on the Android app (after waiting
>>long-enough for it to populate... or getting lucky... I can't figure out
>>which since it often doesn't populate at all).
>>Since for each car the app needs to talk to the same server as the car
>>module it would be ideal for changes made to this "OVMS Server IP" in
>>the "Parameters" section to apply to both the IP where the module
>>communicates *AND* to where the app communicates for that car, but since
>>this "Parameters" section doesn't even come up at all until the app can
>>talk to the server and module, I don't think that's how it works,
>>presently, and it would appear to need a lot of effort to get it working
>>in that fashion.
>>It would be nice if I could have different car modules talking to
>>different servers and for me to be able to use one app to rule them
>>all.  The app would merely talk to different servers for each car.
>>Anyway... since my initial interest is in doing server-side and
>>car-module-side developments (and not so much the app-side of things)
>>I'm inclined to just make a hard-coded change to the server IP address
>>in my Android app and move on for the sake of being productive.
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