[Ovmsdev] OVMS - HW

Olav A. Antonsen olav at ansit.no
Tue Jun 17 04:37:35 HKT 2014



My knowledge of electronics is limited.


As far as I understand the OVMS module is supplied with +12V via the OBD connector. What I don't understand is where the +5V comes from? 




I'm currently trying to control a relay using the RC3 output on the PIC18F2580 as a control signal to a rely on a relay module




The relay module needs to be supplied with +5V to drive the relays, and my plan was to get the +5V from the OVMS module using pin 13 on the HEADER 9X2.


But I'm afraid I might blow something on the OVMS module if the relay module draws to many mA.


Any advice would be appreciated.




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