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Jeremy Whaling jeremy.whaling at gmail.com
Sat Jul 26 15:46:30 HKT 2014

Hi All-

Over the last few days a few of us on the mynissanleaf forum have been
working on getting the TCU (telematics module) CAN messages for the various
modes of operation (remote CC, status, charge). Here's what we know now:

To wake up the VCM (Main controller), the TCU sends a msgID of 68C on the
EV CAN bus with one byte of 00. On 2013 and newer models wake up solely on
the CAN message.

For 2011 or 2012 models the TCU will bring a logic line high that connects
to the VCM briefly as well to wake it up. Page 64 of the "AV" section of
the 2012 service manual shows the pinout of the TCU. You will need to
splice into Pin 11 (light green? wire) on the large connector going to the
TCU and make an appropriate circuit to pull it high briefly when the OVMS
module sends the 68C message. When doing non "remote charge" testing you
might be able to hit the charge override button (which uses another line to
wake the VCM) then send 68C. I think that might work for testing. :-)

Once the VCM is awake it looks to the TCU status message to see what's up.
The status message has a msgID of 56E and the first byte determines the
status (the 6 other bytes are FF). The 56E message repeats every 100ms
whenever the EV CAN bus is active. The various modes are:
hex   binary   state
46   01000110   status
86   10000110   idle
4E   01001110   cc on
56   01010110   cc off
66   01100111   remote charge

That's all we have so far. Haven't tried pulling the TCU yet and
duplicating it's messages but I'm reasonably confident this is all there is
to it as far as remote activation.

For more info, see this Google Doc with the Leaf's CAN message info here
For the latest developments Leaf CAN wise, check out the thread on MNL here

Take care,

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