[Ovmsdev] server documentation discrepancies

Lee Howard lee.howard at mainpine.com
Wed Jul 2 06:35:36 HKT 2014

Hello All,

I'm finding some apparent discrepancies in the limited documentation 
(one README file) for the server.  If I'm missing something please feel 
free to clue me in.

1)  "The car protocol is built on UDP using encrypted communication 

I do not see ovms_server.pl opening or listening on a UDP socket.  I see 
it operating on TCP ports 6867 and 6868.

2)  "The server also includes a web interface for basic functions such 
as setting the password, registering
the car and checking status."

I do not see this web interface anywhere.

The documentation is severely lacking in explaining what the various 
perl scripts do... although in most cases this can be deduced with some 
examination.  The perl scripts, themselves, contain little-to-no 
internal comments.

As I presently don't really need to have the web interface mentioned in 
#2 I would be happy to configure the user and car accounts manually from 
a MySQL command-line.  However, since the SQL database structure is 
undocumented, it appears that I'll need to just do my best at guessing 
how that's done.



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