[Ovmsdev] Twizy45 testing needed

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Mon Jan 27 02:58:35 HKT 2014

Hi Julien,

thanks :-)

Great to read everything works as designed :-)

Supplementing the POWER command, you should also try

RAMPS 100 100

-- this sets start and acceleration ramps to maximum speed and disables 
smoothing. This makes the Twizy much more responsive to the throttle and 
can make more difference than the 11% torque increase (120% will be cut 
down internally to 111%).

For RECUP, take a look at docs/Twizy-Torque-Speed-Profiles.ods: you can 
shape the braking recuperation strength per speed. Try:

TSMAP B 80 100 60 40

-- this is from sheet 2 "Recup1" and will shift the braking recup max to 
~39 kph. This works pretty well on the T80 with 40% braking recup level.
Btw: the TSMAP speed points are at the same for the T45.


Am 26.01.2014 19:20, schrieb Julien (JaXX) Banchet:
> Hi all,
> Hi Michael,
> Listen, first things first:
> Wow, what a f*cki’n crazy great job you’ve done there !!!
> Now: well, works as expected on my Twizy45,
> Tried these on a very short run:
> POWER 120 115 110 (I believe I feel a slight difference, but not that obvious)
> SPEED 60 75 (didn’t have any slope to go beyond, got up to 60 neat and fast, kind of surprising/scary at first)
> RECUP 27 42
> Ok, Recup: 27 instead of the default 21 (on the T45) is sensible, at the limit of slowing down a bit to fast for the following cars without a brake light
> 42 on brake is scary: you’re already at 27, once you barely touch the brake, 42% recuperation kicks in after half a second, so you get your expected friction-brake slowdown and boom, an extra slow down from recuperation… 42 is really too agressive, making an in between/modulated foot controlled slowdown nearly impossible…
> Will try 25 35 (Delta of 10% instead of 15%)
> We’ll see…
> Again: w00t! in town the crazy parisians will be less tempted to push me over the road as long as I can keep up with their illegal speeds !
> (note: This is to be done at your own risk, mostly legal)
> (sorry for the lack of mail quote, I deactivated the digest mode which is kind of a pita)
> --
> Julien (JaXX) Banchet

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