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Paul Churchley paul at churchley.org
Mon Jan 13 07:02:27 HKT 2014

Hi All,

I provisioned and installed the OVMS module on my Vauxhall Ampera today and
although it seems a little intermittent I suspect that it is nothing more
than dodgy phone signal as when it works it works superbly.

So, now it is up and running and that my Pickit 3 programmer will be
arriving tomorrow I feel that I want to start to learn a little bit more.
To that end, can I ask a few questions that came up through the install:

- Installation documentation
I have read the installation manuals for the Twizy and Roadster. They
helped me a lot during the install (thanks) but I feel that there is so
much common ground across all models that we could benefit from a single
installation and user manual for the common bits rather than separate
manuals for each model. There will be so many models that can potentially
install OVMS that having a manual for each model would probably be
untenable. A single manual with a section for the common bits and perhaps
appendices for the model specific parts might work well?

Setting up the module for the Ampera was not at all obvious. I had to read
the forum to discover how to set the CARTYPE to VA and CANWRITE to 1. Did I
miss that bit somewhere in the documentation?

- Android app
Installing and getting the Android app running was straight forward but
again it really needs some basic documentation.

The app seems not to configure itself differently depending on the car
type. The app seems to be configured with functionality that is not
implemented on the Ampera (e.g. setting charging current, temperatures that
aren't appropriate for the Ampera (?) etc). It would be good to have the
app configure itself appropriately with only those functions that are
implemented for the car type.

It would be nice to be able to get all the same functionality that is
available from SMS commands through the app including the setting of the
car type etc. I suppose it is possible that you can already do that but it
isn't obvious how without there being some basic documentation :-)

- Web app
Is there a web app (web site) to give you access to OVMS functionality
through a web page interface? I would imagine that this would be most
useful. As with the Nissan Leaf CarWings which has a phone app and a web
interface allowing people control of their car through a normal web page
interface. I am a web developer (rusty!) so this is an area I might best be
able to contribute.

- Programming API
Given that there are Android and IOS apps and potentially a web interface
it makes sense if there was a published API. Is there one?

As I say, these are in no way criticisms... just observations/comments on
my experience and things that have occurred to me whilst doing the

So, next step I suppose is to set up a development environment and to learn
how to use Github.

Is there a TODO on Github? What is the best way to get involved? Should I
just pick something on the TODO and get stuck in or is there someone
coordinating the development? How does it work?

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