[Ovmsdev] Model S Data connector

Michael Jochum mikeljo at me.com
Mon Jan 13 03:47:27 HKT 2014

Hi Ottmar,

nice to have you her.

Hope we can help you to find what you want.

Michael J.

BTW: We are still in contact via Marco with the salvage TR. He is the guy (German) who try to fix the PEM. Thanks for your IGBT Tester Information.

Am 12.01.2014 um 03:42 schrieb Otmar Ebenhoech <Otlist09 at EVCL.com>:

> Hello OVMS creators, 
> I'm new to the group, but some of you know me already. I'm doing crazy things with a Model S and a VW camper which you can see via the link in my sig. 
> I'd love to have service access to the Model S similar to what the service techs have with the TDS software. Without that tool I can't even bleed the brakes or cooling system. I don't like the idea of trailering my out of warranty vehicle to a service center every time I need to do simple maintenance.   I realize that kind of access may never happen, but I figure I have to start somewhere and I assume that would be sniffing the CAN bus. 
> As a small start in that direction I wanted a connector for under the center console with all the pins populated. 
> Mark was kind enough to offer the parts: 173631-1 and 173851-2 which are not common and in stock in the US. 
> I had already found that it looks just like the car side stereo connector for Mazdas from the 1990's and those can be had on ebay for $6 delivered so I bought a couple. 
> http://www.ebay.com/itm/330520850374?item=330520850374&viewitem=&sspagename=ADME:L:OU:US:1120&vxp=mtr
> They arrived today, and though the quality seems poor and the fit is snug, the connector does fit. The other non matching connector can be used for extra terminals to fill out all the holes, but getting them out without damage is a challenge without a proper tool. 
> It's clear that you all have already made great discoveries in EV monitoring and control. I'm looking forward to sharing what we learn here. 
> -Otmar
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