[Ovmsdev] EMC / CE certificate + Fasttech SimpleConsole?

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Wed Feb 19 21:37:37 HKT 2014

Hi Mastro,

the SimpleConsole is a small box providing just four push buttons and 
LEDs. It's supported by the Twizy firmware at the moment to switch 
driving profiles on the fly, but may be useful for other vehicles as 
well in the future.

For details see...


Am 19.02.2014 12:05, schrieb Mastro Gippo:
> Hi guys, I would have replied earlier but I'm very busy with my job. 
> The 3G module issue is interesting, and brings another point to the 
> Mbed that has a library for a USB 3G modem 
> (http://mbed.org/components/Vodafone-K3770-3G-Modem/). I don't really 
> like that solution, but it's interesting.
> What is that SimpleConsole you're all talking about? I can't find any 
> info about it in previous mails or in fasttech website...
> Mark, I'll be in HK/Shenzhen in April to attend this: 
> http://dangerousprototypes.com/hackercampshenzhen/about/ , if you want 
> I'd really like to meet you (and other devs from hk). Contact me in 
> private if you're interested!
> Regards
> MG
> 2014-02-18 13:11 GMT+01:00 Michael Balzer <dexter at expeedo.de 
> <mailto:dexter at expeedo.de>>:
>     Well, there are just 5 pre-orders from germany up to now, so I'm
>     not that sure we'll even reach the minimum quantity.
>     Anyway, my thought for the product requirements:
>     - It doesn't need to be waterproof -- on an open Twizy it should
>     be put in the glove box while parking anyway, because of
>     vandalism. Even if you leave it mounted, it will only get some
>     rain drops from real bad weather.
>     - The case should be small enough to mount it anywhere using
>     velcro tape.
>     - The buttons should be large enough and provide good feedback for
>     usage with gloves.
>     - The LEDs should IMO be colour coded as in my example build --
>     but that's maybe my personal taste. Anyway they should be bright
>     and large enough to be visible in normal daylight.
>     - I secure the cable by fixing it with the case covers, but that's
>     really something not suitable for a professional version. A
>     standard (round) cable would also be better than a flat one.
>     Regards,
>     Michael
>     Am 18.02.2014 09:06, schrieb Mark Webb-Johnson:
>         I think price will depend largely on quantity. The PCB and
>         components should be very cheap and easy. Main issue will be
>         finding a case and getting it customised for our needs - does
>         it need to be waterproof? Also, the expansion connector on the
>         motherboard and cable arrangements are tricky.
>         Regards, Mark.
>         On 17 Feb, 2014, at 9:01 pm, Michael Balzer <dexter at expeedo.de
>         <mailto:dexter at expeedo.de>> wrote:
>             Hi Mark,
>             thanks for the info.
>             Regarding the SimpleConsole: I'll ask for preorders in the
>             german forum. Maybe someone could collect preorders for
>             France (Julien?) and UK (Nikki?)?
>             I spent about 15-20 Euro (20-25 US$) for the single parts,
>             can we assume the Fasttech pricing will not exceed this?
>             Regards,
>             Michael

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