[Ovmsdev] EMC / CE certificate + Fasttech SimpleConsole?

Mastro Gippo gipmad at gmail.com
Wed Feb 19 19:05:00 HKT 2014

Hi guys, I would have replied earlier but I'm very busy with my job. The 3G
module issue is interesting, and brings another point to the Mbed that has
a library for a USB 3G modem (
http://mbed.org/components/Vodafone-K3770-3G-Modem/). I don't really like
that solution, but it's interesting.
What is that SimpleConsole you're all talking about? I can't find any info
about it in previous mails or in fasttech website...
Mark, I'll be in HK/Shenzhen in April to attend this:
http://dangerousprototypes.com/hackercampshenzhen/about/ , if you want I'd
really like to meet you (and other devs from hk). Contact me in private if
you're interested!

2014-02-18 13:11 GMT+01:00 Michael Balzer <dexter at expeedo.de>:

> Well, there are just 5 pre-orders from germany up to now, so I'm not that
> sure we'll even reach the minimum quantity.
> Anyway, my thought for the product requirements:
> - It doesn't need to be waterproof -- on an open Twizy it should be put in
> the glove box while parking anyway, because of vandalism. Even if you leave
> it mounted, it will only get some rain drops from real bad weather.
> - The case should be small enough to mount it anywhere using velcro tape.
> - The buttons should be large enough and provide good feedback for usage
> with gloves.
> - The LEDs should IMO be colour coded as in my example build -- but that's
> maybe my personal taste. Anyway they should be bright and large enough to
> be visible in normal daylight.
> - I secure the cable by fixing it with the case covers, but that's really
> something not suitable for a professional version. A standard (round) cable
> would also be better than a flat one.
> Regards,
> Michael
> Am 18.02.2014 09:06, schrieb Mark Webb-Johnson:
>  I think price will depend largely on quantity. The PCB and components
>> should be very cheap and easy. Main issue will be finding a case and
>> getting it customised for our needs - does it need to be waterproof? Also,
>> the expansion connector on the motherboard and cable arrangements are
>> tricky.
>> Regards, Mark.
>> On 17 Feb, 2014, at 9:01 pm, Michael Balzer <dexter at expeedo.de> wrote:
>>  Hi Mark,
>>> thanks for the info.
>>> Regarding the SimpleConsole: I'll ask for preorders in the german forum.
>>> Maybe someone could collect preorders for France (Julien?) and UK (Nikki?)?
>>> I spent about 15-20 Euro (20-25 US$) for the single parts, can we assume
>>> the Fasttech pricing will not exceed this?
>>> Regards,
>>> Michael
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