[Ovmsdev] EMC / CE certificate + Fasttech SimpleConsole?

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Mon Feb 17 19:56:18 HKT 2014

Hi everyone,

the SimpleConsole stirrs up a lot of new requests 
and interest over here.

Most german users though would like to buy a 
pre-configured ready-to-use OVMS package for the 
Twizy (I suppose it's similar for other vehicles 
and countries).

Unfortunately reselling the OVMS is not legal in 
the EU, because the hardware lacks the CE / EMC 
(electromagnetic conformity) certificate.

I am happy with the OVMS staying an explicit 
hobbyist project, but a CE / EMC certificate would 
at least make it possible to sell an OVMS package 
if the user explicitly accepts that there are no 

Is there any chance this could happen? A german 
hardware developer took the OVMS (V2) to his EMC 
laboratory, with (his words) disastreous results 
-- he literally blasted the PIC with some required 
EM pulse test...

Also, a professional SimpleConsole build from 
Fasttech would be really cool and helpful. What is 
required for this?


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