[Ovmsdev] Twizy45 testing needed

Julien (JaXX) Banchet jaxx at jaxx.org
Tue Feb 4 19:51:19 HKT 2014


Oh, I did have the impression I had it somehow when the OVMS was still 
home in my lab on a 10 year old power supply...

Plus it IS written black on white in the user guide :):
"If the car does not power up, that can be
due to low voltage on the 12V battery: try charging! The OVMS will send 
an alert if
it detects the voltage dropping below 11.5V reminding you to charge in 

Well, thanks, gonna dive back in it, might have knocked off the SMS 
alerts somehow :-)


Le 04/02/2014 12:44, Michael Balzer a écrit :
> For the "low service battery" alert: you already have this, it's the 
> 12V alert feature I implemented some releases ago. The alert just 
> needs a reference voltage from the last charge cycle. If you did not 
> receive that alert despite having charged at least once since mounting 
> the OVMS, check your notification configuration. 

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