[Ovmsdev] Twizy45 testing needed

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Tue Feb 4 19:44:33 HKT 2014

Hi Julien,

thanks for the extended feedback!

Why there's the 45 kph class on vehicles while 
it's 50 kph on streets I will never understand. 
Some years ago it used to be 60 kph on this 
vehicle/license class. Some say the 45 kph 
nonsense is a result of lobby work of some 
international driving school conspiracy to sell 
more motorcycle licenses...

For the "low service battery" alert: you already 
have this, it's the 12V alert feature I 
implemented some releases ago. The alert just 
needs a reference voltage from the last charge 
cycle. If you did not receive that alert despite 
having charged at least once since mounting the 
OVMS, check your notification configuration.


Am 04.02.2014 09:17, schrieb Julien (JaXX) Banchet:
> Hi,
> Sorry for the late extra report.
> Well, it gave me time to try the setings with a 
> bit more time.
> I bet some had a concern about the effect of 
> these settings on range. Well after a few days 
> of adapting, I can say that it has very little 
> effect on range, less than a 10% cutback 
> depending on driving habits, though achieving 
> better and needless to say "Safer" performances.
> I'm mostly against vehicle modifications of such 
> sort, that said, on a country to country basis, 
> the 45kmh limitation on 50kmh limited roads is 
> in the end a bit dangerous where people are 
> aggressive to the least while driving (I've only 
> had good surprises in most surrounding 
> countries). Therefor, being able to reach 50kmh, 
> or even a tad more to keep up with the flow, 
> avoids being pushed (or bullied) too much. (I 
> did try 60 (+2) on some 70kmh segments, but 
> rarely ever went over 50 in general. The simple 
> fact of having a bit extra watts in the wheel 
> shows that the Twizy deserves respect, the 
> bullying evaporates with it :-)
> But this can be a subject of much debate.
> So again, with all the subjectivity this post 
> can have, I believe that Michael has done a 
> tremendous job! Thanks !
> Oh, be aware: despite the bitter cold and it's 
> effect on the traction battery, I estimate I 
> kept my previous average of 70km of range, and 
> still have my usual 3 stars on the eco-meter, 
> though it takes a sensibly softer foot on the 
> pedal. But, these mods will drastically change 
> the speed of variation of the range-meter. Extra 
> power with extra recup makes the estimation less 
> smooth, obviously :-)
> All I need now is a "Low Service Battery" alert, 
> idiots managed to turn just about everything on 
> (mainly the warning lights) and killed the 
> service battery the other night :-)
> Hugs and drive Safe !
> JaXX

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