[Ovmsdev] OVMS v2.5.3 CHARGEBY doesn't seem to have any effect

Curt Harpold curt.harpold at gmail.com
Mon Sep 23 05:17:00 HKT 2013


Sorry for all of the emails, I just figured you would want to know how
testing is going.

Never mind the earlier ones - TPMS data has re-appeared. I think that I
needed to do a drive after the module was re-installed to get the data read
in (not sure about that). I have opted in to charge logging, so you can see
what is happening.

Output of "SMS STAT" for the specified location
Standard - Charging
 Full: 88 mins
 SOC: 73%
 Ideal Range: 133 mi
 Est. Range: 125 mi
 ODO: 22,715.3 mi
 CAC: 147.76

ACC Status #1
 39.072536, -77.131168
 Charge by time 03:44:00
 Mode: standard (0A)

Your vehicle id

Output of base64 parameter string (from the cellphone app)

   - Date/Time you entered the ACC location (with timezone)
   - 22 September 2013 15:41 EST

   - Date/Time you plugged in at the ACC location (with timezone)
   - 22 September 2013 approx 16:45 EST

   - In the smartphone app, call up the Features and Parameters screens (so
   the server logs those, and I can check)
   - Done.

Description of the problem you have
I set the ACC params for Cooldown, Chargeby 08:00, and Standard mode. When
I plugged in, the charge started immediately, with no cooldown phase
(probably expected, since the battery is already below the threshold).
Further attempt to request a cooldown made no change. Standard mode charge
proceeded, even though I would have expected a timed charge to start some
time tomorrow morning (and the STAT? command now reports time to full at
just 88 minutes).

Also, I set CHARGEBY for 08:00, but the ACC STAT return seems to indicate
it is set for 44 minutes after the time specified. If it were working, it
would be late.

Now that I look at it again, I don't understand the time setting at all. I
followed your insructions to use a leading "-" as I am West of GMT. I would
expect the reported CHARGEBY time to be either 08:00 (local) or 13:00
(GMT), but I'm seeing 03:44.

Many thanks - will try to help with any testing you need in a timely manner.

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