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Kevin Sharpe ZCW kevin.sharpe at zerocarbonworld.org
Sun Sep 22 16:22:54 HKT 2013

Welcome Colin,

I'm a big fan of the GEVCU project and hope we can find ways of working on common hardware and software projects for the benefit of all EV drivers.

All the best,

Kevin Sharpe | Zero Carbon World

> On 22 Sep 2013, at 02:11, "Collin Kidder" <collink at kkmfg.com> wrote:
> Hello, its my first time posting here. I'm the primary developer for the GEVCU project. I have been watching the discussion about canbus filtering. This reminded me of the first time I found this project. I have to wonder why the OVMS project does not abstract away hardware implementation details. I find it odd that code to interface with a certain car is expected to directly use hardware registers. Why is that? Wouldn't it be better to have a canbus library that handles hardware access for everything else? 
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